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I love to create music! Some know me and for those of you who don't hello! I go by the name of J.Dub and I'm a Multi Platinum, 3X ASCAP, Grammy Award (No Way Out) Winning Producer, Composer, Songwriter, Artist, & Musician.

I also run a small Indie Label called: DUBZWORLD. I made this page to directly interact with my fans and release music straight to the public quickly! Soon as I bounce down the song I like to upload it and get feedback!

A subscription with me will keep you loaded with new music! I try to release minimum of 3 new tracks and or songs weekly.

Thanks & God Bless!

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Atlanta, Georgia
DUBZWORLD PRODUCTIONZ is a full service music company specializing in Music Production, Tv, & Film scoring.
J.DUB is the Founder, CEO, & Head Producer. J.DUB started his career in the late 90's as producing the hits 'Satisfy You' by: Puff Daddy feat R.Kelly, Kelly Price's smash single 'Friend of Mine', and the R&B classic 'Slowly by R&B superstar Tank. Over 80 mill records sold & 3 ASCAP Awards.

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